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Chantaul Williams Shows Girls How to Overcome Fear!

Lipstick Ready highlights Chantaul Williams for the “Girls with Gloss” series.

Written by: Chelsea Solis

This week, “Girls with Gloss” highlights Chantaul Williams, a singer/songwriter originally from Augsburg, Germany who currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Chantaul earned her education from Bennett College for Women. You may have seen Chantaul on B.E.T’s “Blaze the Stage” or on“Wild Out Wednesday” during “106 & Park.” Chantaul has brushed shoulders with the likes of R. Kelly, Melanie Fiona, Luke James and many others, and she gives all credit to God for such high profile collaborations. Prayer and perseverance have been the backbone of her career, and the wisdom of her grandmother’s upbringing, her family, and the support of her loved one’s provided the foundation of her success. “Faith over fear” isn’t just words for Chantaul Williams. It’s a lifestyle.

Read on to learn how this Girl with Gloss overcomes fear!

What are some of your biggest accomplishments so far in your career? (Albums, Books, Sponsorships, etc.)

I was blessed to appear on B.E.T Music Matters (B.E.T 106 & Park). I toured with R. Kelly. I've opened for musical artists such as Melanie Fiona, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Luke Nasty/fr, Ro James, and many more. I was flown to Hollywood to audition for "The Four." Although I didn't make it, I was chosen amongst thousands of artists to appear in front of the producers. I’ve worked with Tasha Couture, and one of the dopest experiences I have had was working with Rico Brooks, the manager of "Metro Boomen." Rico blessed me with opportunities to film with Spotify and being placed on “Rap Caviar.” God has really stepped in my career and opened doors for me that money couldn't open. Prayer, faith, hard work, and a PRAYING GRANDMOTHER have kept my career moving.

Has it been a smooth journey getting into your industry? If not, what obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them?

I would have to say yes, for the most part. I’ve always stayed prayed up and surrounded by positive vibes. But, you know, in life whenever you’re chasing a dream things will never be perfect.

Losing my grandmother was one of the greatest obstacles I faced. In that moment I prayed harder. I had lost the woman who introduced me to music. She was my mom and dad, so it brought me into a deep depression. But, I continued chasing my dreams and moving forward.

What is the biggest misconception about your line of work?

People assume that all female artists use their body or charm to make it to the top. This isn’t always the case.

How old were you when you discovered your gift? When did you get comfortable sharing that gift with other people and how did they react?

I discovered my gift at age 7 when my grandmother placed me in the choir. I became comfortable in 2012 when I was placed on B.E.T Music Matters. I want to give thanks to J Know truth for opening that door for me. People really loved me. They always said my music touched them. That is the greatest feeling, when you can inspire someone.

What was your childhood like? Describe your environment from your house to your neighborhood to your school. How did these experiences shape you and your future success?

Growing up I didn't have the greatest childhood. My mom was abusive, and my dad suffered PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from being active in the army. My childhood wasn't the easiest. Moving with my grandmother at a young age, and her practically raising me was what made my life easier. She placed me in the choir which was my introduction to music.

Describe the moment when you knew you were on the right path. How did that affirmation encourage you to keep pursuing your dreams?

I had the privilege of performing for the “B.E.T Music Matters “at Sob's in NYC 2015. This was the affirmation I needed to continue pursuing my dreams.

Tell us about your big break! What was it like? How did it feel? Did you see it coming? Did you know this was your moment?

The night before one of my big breaks I was nervous and in disbelief.

Tell us about your inner circle (close friends, family, mentors, relationship). How does their support impact your success?

We're all doing something in our careers which makes our conversations and moments together more interesting. My family’s support means a lot to me. Having my man by my side when life gets crazy is the best support a woman can ask for. Their support gives me the desire to go harder.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned about yourself and others?

Everyone isn't your friend. Never trust too quickly, and know your worth.

What do you see yourself accomplishing in the next 3 years? What are you currently doing to prepare for this outcome?

I see myself with a couple platinum albums, front row at Vogue, in movies and doing all things entertainment. Currently, I'm working out, staying prayed up, moving in silence and more.

Can you share a secret with us that you haven’t shared anywhere else?

You can catch me at home on the couch watching reruns of Martin! I love that show!

If you could talk to your 15-year-old self, what would you say?

Don't follow others, be a leader. Trust your path. Put God first and grind hard no matter what. Stay away from users, liars, and negative people.

Why is it important for the next generation of young women to see people like yourself? What message do you have for a Gen Z’er hoping to pursue a similar career?

Because of the way the world is built, those like me and like-minded individuals are needed to change the future. The message I have for the next generation is “Let your faith overcome fear.”

Finally, which of Lipstick Ready’s “Girls with Gloss” words resonates with you the most? (Gorgeous, Loving, Outspoken, Sophisticated and Smart)

I would say "Loving" Resonates with me the most. Honestly, I had to remove the fear of failure and anxiety when things weren’t going as planned in my life. I soon understood that whenever you're taking steps towards doing something great for your future, there’s always going to be a brick in the road positioned to knock you off your game. Realizing so many girls looked up to me, I began to have more faith than fear.

Chantaul Williams is a Girl with Gloss!

Wanna keep up with Chantaul? Details below!

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