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Carlie Carpio Shows Us How to Glow from the Inside Out

Lipstick Ready highlights Carlie Carpio for the “Girls with Gloss” series.

Written by: Arian Augustus

Carlie Carpio is a social entrepreneur making change in the community. She is the Founder and CEO of Holistically Dope and an advocate for health and happiness mind, body, and soul. A certified personal trainer and yoga teacher, Carlie creates and teaches holistic health and wellness programming for schools and businesses. She has her Bachelors in Construction Science from the University of Oklahoma and her Masters of Business Administration from the USC Marshall School of Business.

Read on to learn how this Girl with Gloss proves taking care of your health is real work with life-changing rewards.

Has it been a smooth journey getting into your industry? If not, what obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them?

There is a huge stigma around mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health. It can be hard getting people to think outside of the box for health and wellness, but it’s even more difficult to get past preconceived notions and biases around it. I had no idea how I was going to make my company and idea work, but through networking and putting myself and my idea out there I was able to secure my first client.

What is the biggest misconception about your line of work?

The two biggest misconceptions with mindfulness, yoga, and health and wellness are: It isn’t accessible for everyone and that it is all fairytale and airy with no substance. It is accessible to everyone. You don’t need money or any fancy coach or trainer to help you work on your health. While doctors and therapists are absolutely amazing – it’s a reality in our society that not everyone can afford them. There are however, many free resources online to learn about yoga, eating healthy on a budget, breathing, stretching, workouts, etc. YouTube has such amazing video content for free. Not all of it will work for you, but keep searching until you find what does. The second is that all of this is stupid or doesn’t work. There is so much scientific data behind the importance of mindfulness, breathing, yoga, stretching, working out, etc. It works.

How old were you when you discovered your gift? When did you get comfortable sharing that gift with other people and how did they react?

I always knew I had a passion for helping others, but I just wasn’t sure how. It wasn’t until college that the pieces started to come together. I tore my ACL and my grandpa passed away. While working to get back healthy, I discovered my passion and gift in helping others get healthy and fit too! I had always played sports and been active and I loved being an athlete, but there was so much more to the process that I enjoyed. After a breakup a couple years later, I started the internal journey to learn to truly love myself. On this journey I quit my engineering job and moved across the country to go to graduate school. I liked my job, but I didn’t love it and I knew that I was created for more. It was here, in business school, that everything connected. I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without the amazing people God placed in my life. I wanted to use my gift of connecting with others, hearing them, and inspiring them to help them learn to love themselves and chase their dreams too! That’s how Holistically Dope was born: through my own journey to love and health in mind, body, and soul.

What was your childhood like? Describe your environment from your house to your neighborhood to your school. How did these experiences shape you and your future success?

I had an amazing childhood but grew up in a lot of turmoil. We didn’t have a lot of money and my mother and stepfather struggled with alcoholism and domestic violence. I knew that I wanted to create a very different life for myself, so I always strived to be the best in everything I did. I was involved in everything! My schools were always very diverse, so I was able to connect with and learn from a variety of people. I was blessed immensely to have people in my life – family, friends, coaches – who poured into me, inspired me, and looked out for me along the way.

Describe the moment when you knew you were on the right path. How did that affirmation encourage you to keep pursuing your dreams?

The moment I felt fulfilled. I was tired, my bank account wasn’t full, I haven’t accomplished everything I wanted to do, but I felt full. I just knew deep down this was exactly what I was meant to be doing! This peace came over me and I just knew. I have to affirm myself every single day. If we left it up to the world to define us, we would be constantly broken down and torn apart. It’s important to continue building yourself and those around you up every day. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Make sure you are filling yours up! Affirmations help me do that. Some of my favorites are: I am worthy. My life is abundant. I have everything that I need. I am loved. I am enough.

What have you had to do - mentally, physically, emotionally - to prepare yourself to pursue your career?

The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was a limitation in my own thinking. I kept wondering if I was worthy of all of these amazing things. I wondered if I was capable, if I had what it took. Deep down I knew I did, but I was constantly questioning myself. This can keep you from doing what you need to do, can affect the quality of what you’re working on, and can keep you from showing up for yourself. Mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health are a necessity no matter what you’re doing! It is especially important in any field where you help care for others or provide space for them – like teaching yoga, meditation, and self-love. Staying on top of my routine and taking excellent care of myself holistically is a must for me and my success! (Not to mention my sanity.)

Tell us about your big break! What was it like? How did it feel?

I was a nervous wreck the night before my first session! I didn’t know if it was going to work or if I was going to be able to do it. But, that next morning I got up, got ready, and went! It was everything!

Tell us about your inner circle (close friends, family, mentors, relationship). How does their support impact your success?

My mentor, who I am blessed to call a friend, is such an inspiration for me and gives me so much to think about, learn from, and aspire to. She is always speaking life into me and teaching me. Her shining her light so bright inspires me and everyone else to do the same. My team, or my inner circle, is EV-ER-Y-THING!!! They support me, listen to me, love me, sharpen me, call me on my mess, and expect greatness from me. They also love me and know that I’m human. They are not “yes” people and always keep it real. They support my dreams and my personal growth. Nobody is an island. We all need somebody. I am blessed with some of the greatest around and would not be where I am or who I am without them. They give flavor to life and make my life and successes just that much better.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned about yourself and others?

People are doing the best that they can. Be kind. Do your best. Mind your business, and only focus on what you can control. Set boundaries and only give your time to things and people that are in alignment with your goals and purpose.

What do you see yourself accomplishing in the next 3 years? What are you currently doing to prepare for this outcome?

In three years, I will have another company under my belt. Holistically Dope will be streamlined with data and will be in schools, businesses, and athletic programs in 7 states. I will be in the best shape of my life and will be traveling, spending time with loved ones, and helping my friends develop their businesses. I will have also formed strategic partnerships with organizations to help make an impact in the community and create access to holistic health and wellness and entrepreneurial resources. I am working on this every single day! I have my hustles and then I get home and work on my other dreams. I am also helping my friends and loved ones work on their passions and finding ways to include the community in everything we’re doing.

Can you share a secret with us that you haven’t shared anywhere else?

I am pretty much an open book, so this is tough for me! I share a lot … and often. Lol. I love speaking and presenting in front of people. I have a gift for it and I absolutely love doing it! But every single time before I do, I get this nervous excitement where my heart beats faster, I feel nervous, start to wonder how I’m going to do, etc. But, then I just leap! I just go for it in spite of all of those little questions I have for myself and the nervousness. I love speaking, but the moment before I do it feels like I’m about to leap out of a plane lol.

If you had a chance to talk to your 15-year-old self, what would you say?

Ooh, girl! Fifteen year-old Carlie? I would hug her and tell her that she is enough EXACTLY as she is! Don’t look outside to other people, accomplishments, or anything to try and make yourself whole. Only you and God can do that! Then I would tell her everything will be okay. Actually, everything will be AMAZING! Just hang in there.

Why is it important for the next generation of young women to see people like yourself? What message do you have for a Gen Z’er hoping to pursue a similar career?

Representation is SO important! Seeing people who look like you or who come from similar backgrounds doing untraditional things, creating companies, building up communities, chasing their dreams, and being true to themselves and their beliefs is so vitally important. It lets people know that it’s okay to be different, to dream big, and to be themselves! Society has controlled the narrative on what we can and can’t do, what statistics tell you that you can or can’t do, etc. It’s important that we take that power back and start writing our own stories and sharing them with others.

Finally, which of Lipstick Ready’s “Girls with Gloss” words resonates with you the most? (Gorgeous, Loving, Outspoken, Sophisticated and Smart)

Loving. I had to learn to love myself. To truly love and accept myself as I am. I had to start being kind to myself and take care of myself mind, body, soul, so that I can be the best me that I can be. I want to do amazing things and fulfill the purpose for my life. This requires letting go of everything that is not in alignment with my purpose, dreams, and goals. This includes habits, relationships, friendships, situations. Everything.

Carlie Carpio is a Girl with Gloss!

Wanna keep up with Carlie? Details below!

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