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Ashley Davis Coaches Teams to Excel in Sales While Standing Firm in Her Faith!

Lipstick Ready highlights Ashley Davis for Season 2 of the “Girls with Gloss” series.

By Arian Augustus

Ashley Davis is the CEO & The Sales Key of Unlock The Sales, and Founder of the evangelistic outreach ministry Chain Breakers which is designed to reach the modern day non-churchgoer and bring Jesus to the most unlikely places. She’s a passionate and innovative thought leader, and her goal is to infiltrate, influence, and dominate every new arena she encounters.

Read on to learn how this Girl with Gloss uses her voice and her faith to push through every obstacle.

What does being outspoken mean to you?

Being outspoken to me is being able to clearly articulate and stand firm on your beliefs, morals, values, and opinions in boldness without being swayed.

How do you deal with people taking offense to you being outspoken?

I first check Ashley. I believe that someone can be outspoken in such a way that it comes across respectfully. Does this stop other people from getting offended? Absolutely not. But, what it does do is cover my bases as I continue to stand firm on what I believe.

How has being outspoken benefited you in your career?

Being outspoken has actually been the thing that catapulted me to into entrepreneurship. In my field of work, I have to be well-spoken and bold at the same time so that I can pinpoint the needs and navigate people to a solution.

How did you deal with obstacles on your path to where you are now in your career?

This is sort of a loaded question! I am still on the road continuing to overcome every obstacle placed in my way. I now laugh because I know that if an obstacle is placed in front of me, I am closer to the promise, goal, or desired outcome. I overcome obstacles because I know that obstacles are inevitable. It's what you do while approaching it that matters! My motto is, “Conquer the obstacle. Don't let it conquer you.”

What is a characteristic or quality that you worked hard to cultivate, how has it been beneficial in your career?

Patience & Active Listening! They are both things that I've had to work extremely hard on because you can't get through life without being patient, and you can't move without active listening.

What goals have you set to accomplish in the next 5 years to advance your life or career?

My goals to reach my 5 year plan are to continue to be consistent, eager, humble, hungry and willing to pursue by any means necessary.

How and when did you know you were on the right career path?

I found out that I was on the right career path as I was working in the energy sales field. I began to figure out how to merge being a faith leader while still operating sales, although typically the two should not merge. I realized that I had the ability to train those who were both seasoned in sales and others who were straight out of college with no sales experience and teach them how to be integral sales people. As I continued to build one of the strongest sales teams in the company, I realized that this wasn't just a talent or gift but something I was called to do nationwide.

What is the most common misconception about your career field?

The most common misconception in my field is that all sales people are snakes and are scammers. But, I’ve come to destroy that myth.

What’s an interesting little-known fact about you?

I am a Marvel fanatic. You name it, i've seen it from movies, shows, Hulu series and all. I'm actually counting down the days to the next Avengers movie!

If you could talk to your 14-year-old self, what advice would you give?

“Run, girl! He’s not it. Don't waste your tears or time.”

“Your validation is not found in these young boys. Their love doesn't measure up to the love that God has waiting for you.”

“You are beautiful just the way you are!”

Ashley Davis is a Girl with Gloss!

Wanna keep up with Ashley? Details below!

Instagram: @OfficiallyAshleyD & @Unlockthesale

FaceBook: Ashley M Davis


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