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AGZ Hires 7 Changemakers To Create Safe Places For Gen Z To Thrive During These Uncertain Times!

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At AGZ, we are committed to creating opportunities and empowering Gen Z and Millennials across the country. The launch of our LEAP program (Learning to Enter Adulthood with Purpose) is one of many ways we are doing just that! With the help of our Program Managers, Ashley Cunningham & Jorge Suarez, we will provide undergraduate students and entry-level employees ages 18-26 with professional development opportunities that will help them land and keep their dream jobs. We look forward to engaging this young generation with the guidance of our three LEAP Ambassadors: Erin Yeary, Skylar Nedd, and Shikita Bailey.

Lipstick Ready and Shepherds of Healing have enlisted two dynamite interns, Kylie Newman and Tamara Akramawi, who were once participants in AGZ programs in middle and high school, to assist Program Directors Mariah Martin and AJ McAdory with addressing the ongoing needs of our mentees.

As Advising Generation Z strives to be the #1 resource for millennials and gen z to receive mentoring and professional development, we've hired Jessica Jalal to assist Community Director Debra Cole in capturing best practices from community leaders from various industries to help AGZ participants navigate through life.

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