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April 30, 2018 - This workshop encouraged students to stay in school, and discussed the consequences of using social media incorrectly. This session provided hands-on job training, basic money management skills, helped students to develop problem-solving skills, and included an open discussion on college experiences. Students got a deeper look into the criminal justice system, exercised their critical thinking skills, learned about government policies, and had the opportunity to practice public speaking. The students assumed the roles of attorneys, witnesses, jury, defendant, observer and judges. The purpose was to guide students to understand the rationale behind different laws.

Young Muslimah Summit

March 17, 2018 - The Annual Young Muslimah Summit is a transformative experience for all who attend. As girls participate in workshops, and hear from speakers, they engage in activities that focus on building self-esteem, dealing with adversity, and succeeding academically, all while being surrounded by supportive mentors from Mu Delta Alpha. 


February 14, 2018 - The High Heels & Bold Lips dance workshop provided women with a great way to stay fit, and feel beautiful. This class was taught by Mariah Martin (Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancer), Maria Hernadez (Congas Instructor) and Jacy Hinkle (former Tyler Junior College Drill Team Instructor). Thanks to our sponsor Veronica Espinoza for donating her studio!

Avoiding Situationships Series part II

November 11, 2017 - “Avoiding Situation-ships Part II,” was a guided discussion designed to assist young adults in examining experiences from their past, that have had a negative impact on the way they approach relationships. Participants also learned how addressing their past could help them successfully form meaningful relationships.


Avoiding Situationships Series part I

March 25, 2017 - “Avoiding Situationships Series Part I", was an interactive workshop for Millennials who have tired of “Netflix and Chill” interactions. This four part series is designed to assist attendees with examining experiences from their past that have had a negative impact on the way they approach relationships. Participants will also learn how addressing their past can help them successfully form meaningful relationships despite the challenges that come along with 21st century dating, landing that dream job, or building a prospering social network.


May 5, 2015 - Lipstick Ready hosted an event sponsored by Researchers Across America that provided 50 girls the opportunity to see "Cinderella the Musical" at Fair Park Music Hall. Afterwards, they traveled to Chocolate Secrets where they received a princess pampering experience. This included tea time, and words of encouragement from local community leaders, radio host, and attorneys.

Release baggage party

December 16, 2014 - Upon completion of an intense 16-week self-identification series called “Not an Outcast," Lipstick Ready & Shepherds Of Healing honored 120 students from Travis Middle School, Singley Academy, Timberview High School, and Clara Oliver Prep Elementary. During this guided series, the students learned how to articulate the issues they were battling. AGZ creates a safe zone for students to share one of the following traumatic situations: self-harm, rape, death, eating disorders, CPS, foster care, bullying, abandonment, divorce, or being involved in the juvenile justice system. This event had guest speakers; Gina Grant (Women That Soar), Jose Villasenor (Irving ISD At Risk and Responsive Services), Garrett Landry (Dallas ISD Director of Special Projects, School Leadership), Jean-Jacques Taylor (Disney and ESPN Media Networks), Brandi Sewell (Supervisor at Texas Department of Family Protective Services), Cristin Padgett (Texas House District 33) Benjamin Vann (Mayor Star Council Participant,) and Victoria Neave (Texas State Representative).

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