Advising Generation Z, “(AGZ)” was created to support, equip, and empower young people ages 10–27 to become the best versions of themselves. We provide group mentoring, student assemblies, professional development, and digital and distant learning opportunities. Advising Generation Z is divided into four programs: Lipstick Ready, Shepherds of Healing, Young Professionals Ascending, and AdvisingGenz TV & APP.

Lipstick Ready builds confidence, develops leadership, and sets high standards for girls ages 10–18 years old. 

Shepherds of Healing creates an environment for boys ages 10–18 years old to express their most intimate feelings with their peers.

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The Young Professionals Ascending mentors college students, ages 18-24, who want to develop, volunteer, and land their dream job. 

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AdvisingGenz TV & APP is a digital diversion learning series available on a mobile app for schools and courts to utilize for low-risk teens.



Kristen Grant-Evuleocha, also known as Kristen Geez, is the creator of Advising Generation Z. 


Kristen Geez, is a highly sought after Millennial and Gen Z practitioner, freelance reporter, TEDx speaker, author, and Brand Ambassador for Women That Soar. Kristen holds a BS. in Ethical Leadership, MEd in Leadership & Development, and currently pursuing her Doctoral Degree in Leadership and Learning. 

Kristen is dedicated to building confidence, developing leadership, inspiring unity, and setting high standards for people of all ages.  Her philosophy of creating context and covering events that help develop and empower people, has inspired thousands of adults and children to pursue their personal and professional goals.