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Advising Generation Z, “(AGZ)” 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, was created in 2010 and received 501c3 status in 2017. Kristen Geez, its founder, was a former school bully until her high school principal gave her a shot at leadership. That resulted in changed behavior and gaining the confidence she needed to become the leader she was called to be.


Kristen formed AGZ to give young people the same opportunity her high school principal gave her. Advising Generation Z specializing in interventions, improving behaviors, and training young at-risk people. AGZ is divided into multiple programs: Lipstick Ready, Shepherds of Healing, Men and Women at the Center of Excellence, AdvisingGenz TV & APP. 

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Meet our Founder

Kristen Geez is Advising Generation Z's CEO, EdTech Founder of AdvisingGenz, Educational Content Producer, Host, Author, Public Speaker, Professor, and a passionate advocate for young people. 


Kristen believes that success stems from one’s ability to "learn from mistakes” and “allow themselves to be led before they can lead”. These two mottos have empowered Kristen to overcome traumas, battles, and mistakes she experienced in her childhood and inspired and motivated her to create second-chance and personal development opportunities for others – specifically misguided young people. Kristen is a servant leader and a skilled connector, known for her unique gift of unifying generations with her compelling ideology. She urges society to “be intentional about making room for the young without abandoning the old”!

After graduating from high school, Kristen pursued a short career in modeling before realizing she wanted to be valued for her mind and not just her looks. Kristen enrolled in an HBCU, Wiley College, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Ethical Leadership. She continued her education at Wayland Baptist University, earning a Master’s Degree in Training and Development. She is currently in her third year at Liberty University, pursuing her Ph.D. in Strategic Leadership. Kristen also currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at Tarrant County
College, where she teaches college freshmen and sophomores in the School of Education andSchool of Business.



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Linda Parker, Ed.D.

Board Member

Deputy Superintendent

Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD

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Board Member

Director of Learning & Development

Microsoft CE&S

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ellen billings

Board Member

North America Controller

GM Financial

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JOHN waggoner

Board Member

Chief Global Technology Officer


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Board Member

Director of Marketing

Cox Media

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Dr. Harold Wright

Board Member

Deputy Superintendent



dr. carlin caliman



Darryl Hoelting


Radio/TV Operations, Tarrant County College


rashmi jain


Careington International Corporation


melissa plaskoff


President & Co-Founder, ON-AIR Media

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Nicole fisher


Youth Dev. Program Coordinator, ELECT


Dr. Theron bowman


Former Arlington Police Chief




Chief Executive Officer

Kristen Geez is an Adjunct Professor, Training Consultant, TEDx Speaker, Celebrated Author and Founder of Advising Generation Z (AGZ), a non-profit social skills mentoring program focused on equipping over 7,000 Gen Z with leadership opportunities at 43 school districts, 15 municipal courts, and 4 detention centers in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania.AGZ is aided by a digital series called AdvisingGenz LLC available on the AdvisingGenz app. AdvisingGenz LLC consists of exercises and testimonials from Millennials that help Gen Z students navigate life’s difficulties. Kristen is the host and creator for AdvisingGenZ digital series. 

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Chief Design Officer

Sara Michelle Tristan owns and operates Sara Michelle Design, a premiere marketing agency in Houston, Texas. She has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide and created more than 300 websites. Sara has worked in the marketing and communications industry for more than a decade and also has an extensive background working with non-profit organizations. Sara earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Houston - Downtown with a minor in communications. She has a Graduate Certificate in Plain Language and Graduate Certificate in Medical & Applied Health Communication. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in technical communications. 


Madison thomas

Grant Writer

Madison Thomas is a communications professional with over 10 years of experience in education and nonprofit development. She has helped clients and employers raise millions of dollars via multichannel fundraising campaigns. Madison began grant writing to help further the mission of smaller nonprofits to help increase their reach and impact. She holds a Masters Degree in Adult Education, is a blue ribbon cookie baker, and a wife/mom/dog mom residing in Oklahoma City.


Ronequia McGregor

Curriculum Writer

Ronequia McGregor serves as an Educator who deals skillfully with a diverse variety of groups under a wide array of circumstances. She develops and conducts educational workshops to large/small groups. She models and helps implement new academic and behavior instructional materials, lessons, skills and activities for teachers/students to use in their classrooms.


She is also a content creator who obtained her bachelor's degree at Paul Quinn College, master's degree at Concordia University, and completed her Educational Leadership Program through Lamar University. 


Ely Hernandez

Curriculum Writer, ESL

Ely Hernandez is a mother, wife, and self-taught writer. She is passionate about solving problems and helping others, especially to improve academically or professionally.


An architect by profession, Ely graduated from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Grateful to has been working in education these last 3 years.


alfred mcadory

Boys & Men Director

Alfred McAdory is a very ambitious individual who strives for excellence in all of his endeavors.  Alfred works in the Tech/Data Analytics industry.  He has over 6yrs of experience mentoring the younger generation. He believes that the younger generation are our future and the economy will be largely dependent on their development.


mariah martin

Girls & Women Director

Mariah Martin is a former two-time Dallas Cowboy Dancer, algebra teacher, and an assistant drill team coach. With over 15 years of dance experience, Mariah has developed an unwavering commitment to teach and mentor youth. She is able to talk about her journey to assist and guide others on their own path to success. Mariah has served as Lipstick Ready's program director for five years. In this role she has led girl empowerment workshops for over 600+ attendees. 


dale mbambi

Adult Men Program Coordinator

Dale Mbambi is the founder of Bombee Financial Consulting LLC, a financial service company that specializes in teaching financial literacy to different communities. Dale has assisted individuals with first homes/investment properties, establishing business ventures, investing, and teaching children the art of investing and saving. Dale earned his bachelors degree in finance from the University of North Texas and his Masters in Business Administration from Tarleton State University. He is a licensed real estate agent in the state of Texas and is currently pursing his Chartered Financial Analyst certification.

external staff

thumbnail_Kenicia Cross - Media & Public Relations.jpg

kenicia cross

Media & Public Relations

Kenicia serves as a media and public relations consultant to several thriving companies and manages the careers of top news anchors, reporters, and on-air personalities around the country. 

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laaura oberman

Speakering & Training

An executive at American Programming Bureau with exceptional communication skills and a unique ability to uncover customer needs to determine the most appropriate keynote speakers for major conferences & events. 


Jessi Crino 

Executive Producer

Video producer, shooter, editor and live television director, now working with Cox Media to create exceptional content for clients in Oklahoma and beyond. Television Director/Technical Director specializing in live news broadcasts, with some remote experience. 


Community Partners


AGZ has provided thousands of children with access to free after school activities, mentoring, and recreational programs.  This access is made possible through the generous donations of community leaders like you. This year, our goal is to raise $130,000 for ongoing program support. Studies show that children struggling emotionally, who participate in group activities, are more likely to succeed as adults. We hope to give our children this same advantage in life.

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