Linda Parker, Ed.D.

Deputy Superintendent

Dr. Linda Parker, Ed.D., works at Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD as the Deputy Superintendent where she leads the work of transforming education to meet the needs of every child.

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Kemmiko Grant

Board  Treasury

Kemmiko (Kem) Grant is a retired banker of 27 years and has held positions as Vice President of Comerica Bank & Chase Bank. She holds an Executive MBA in Business Leadership and a BS in Business Management, and she is currently a Business Advisor in Tarrant County

Rianne Derr.jpeg

Rianne Derr

Board Member- Health & Wellness

Rianne graduated from nursing school in 2010 with her Bachelors of Nursing, 2015 with her Masters in Nursing Leadership, and 2016 with a Masters in Business Administration Healthcare. Rianne works as a Nurse Manager of 2 Medical Surgical Floors at Medical City Dallas Hospital.

Cal q.jpeg

Cal Quigley

Board Member-Curriculum 

Cal Quigley IV is CEO and President of Reforming Academics, an adjunct Professor of Sociology, Information Technology, for Tarrant County College. Currently pursuing his Ed.D.

AGZ Executive AdvisorY BOARD

This group serves as subject matter experts by mentoring and coaching Young Professionals Ascending members and helping to raise funds for Advising Generation Z.

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Jose Villasenor

Health and Wellness Administrator 

Jose Villasenor, Administrator in Irving ISD, has supervised various education programs, including Social Services, Guidance and Counseling, Dean of Students, Section 504, Truancy, Drug Prevention, Teenage Pregnant and Parenting, Homeless Education, Bullying, and Mentoring programs for 15 years.


Gina Grant


Women That Soar

Gina Grant is a wife, mother of four and the CEO of Women That Soar (WTS), a Dallas-based media and content development company.

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Michael Jones Jr

Presiding Judge Precinct 4

Judge Michael Jones is the Presiding Judge of the Justice of the Peace Court located in Precinct 4. He was elected as Justice of the Peace for Precinct 4- 1 in 2018.

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Graphic & Web Designer

Sara Michelle Tristan earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Houston - Downtown with a minor in communications. She has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide and created more than 300 websites. Sara is currently pursuing a master's degree in technical communications.

Young Professionals ASENDING Members 2010-2020

Advising Generation Z’s, "Young Professionals Ascending", is an elite mentoring group for young professionals ages 19-29 who want to network, develop, volunteer, and thrive. YPA meets bi-monthly to provide over 100+ young professionals with access to senior executives in various industries who share tips on how to navigate through life's difficulties.

1. Shandricka M.

2. Kevin M.

3. Micheal H.

4. Marquette B.

5. Ronequia M.

6. Tierra J.

7. Carl R.

8. Maria H.

9. Tyler G.

10. Charde B.

11. Chelsea S.

12. Matthew S.

13. Josh D.

14. Chris B.

15. Tony S.

16. Dale M.

17. Gabriel R.

18. Mariska S.

19. Amy T.

20. Ebony P.

21. Kendren C.

22. Ashley B.

23. Brandi R.

24. Brian J.

25. Derek S.

26. Christie M.

27. Erica R.

28. Georgiana A.

29. Jassmine P.

30. Jordan W.

31. LaWanda M.

32. LaDarrius S.

33. Elle D.

34. Madeline M.

35. Mashaela S.

36. Maurice F.


37. Morgan E.
38. Serena G.
39. Tamorra J.
40. Terrell T.
41. Wesley G.
42. Breanne N.
43. Erin Y.
44. Gina J.
45. Grayson M.
46. Jasmine P.
47. Ka'China C.
48. LaDrica D.
49. Melvin C.
50. Nikkie A.
51. Samantha G.
52. Skylar N.
53. Terranesha R.
54. Vance T.
55. Ashley F.
56. Brianna M.
57. Ennairda S.
58. Karen K.
59. Kendra A.
60. Racquel R.
61. Shannetta W.
62. James A.
63. Xavier A.
64. Haley B.
65. Savona B.
66. Nyalls C.
67. Temina Z.
68. Johana C.
69. Desha C.
70. Melka D.

71. Krystal D.

72. Tamara G.


73. Charmecia G.

74. Lanisha H.

75. Josh M.

76. Jasmine M.

77. Joshua O.

78. Adwoa O.

79. Tim S.

80. Deondra T.

81. Autumn T.

82. Andrea W.

83. Tenika P

84. Tiffany W

85. Mallory S.

86. Mariah H.

87. Acam O.

88. Alanie F.

89. Arian X.

90. Ashelie H.

91. Asyia S.

92. Camisha T.

93. Jade D.

94. Keryston H.

95. Kossi M

96. Majesty L.

97. Marasha B.

98. Markeita C.

99. Roderick B.

100. Kristen G.

101. Elizabeth D.

102. Alfred M.

103. Mariah M.

104. Ashley C.

105. Dallas E.

106. Paul O.