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Oliver Petty Wants to Educate Black Youth and Encourage Black Entrepreneurship!

Shepherds of healing highlights Oliver Petty for the Dudes with Depth Series Season 2.

Written By: Charde Brown

Oliver Petty is a best-selling author, national keynote speaker and entrepreneur. He exudes passion and his story is guaranteed to move you. Through his multilayered life, filled with poverty and numerous obstacles, Oliver is able to connect with his audience and inspire them to adopt a mindset of ownership. He is defiant to obstacles being 1 of 14 children to parents that are former drug addicts, as well as going from foster car and homelessness to a master’s degree by 23. Oliver is traveling across the country sharing his personal brand of inspiration titled “Only Thoughts of Ownership”

Read on to learn how the Dude with Depth works to Uplift men and boys around him!

Why is being trustworthy important?

Being trustworthy is important because I was taught that your reputation precedes you. I mean it literally introduces you to people before you ever have an opportunity to meet them in person. Beyond that, the universe has a way of holding each one of us accountable so what you give to the world will eventually return to you. 

How do you deal with people that are untrustworthy?

I don't, once you get to a point and level of consciousness in life you learn that you simply can choose not to deal with certain types of people. Personally, if I can’t trust you, I can't do anything with you therefore I simply remove myself. 

How has being trustworthy benefitted you in your career and on your path to your career?

As an entrepreneur, my name or reputation is truly all that I have. Because I am authentic to who I am and clear of my intentions it has placed me in rooms with people I never thought I'd be standing next to. It has made me a national keynote speaker, its put me in front of senators and has helped me live my dream. It has expanded and continues to expand my network and if I ever need a character reference I am confident I will receive high praise for my character first.   

How did you deal with obstacles on your path to where you are now in your career?

I cried, I laughed, I processed and I strategize and I think most importantly I persevered through each and every one of them. I think most important I always talked to God, I never cowered and begged God, NO I demanded what I was promised if I trusted the words that was spoken to me by following my passion. I would ask God through every hurdle or set back God what is the lesson here, what are you attempting to teach me allow me to be able to see it. 

What goals do you have set to accomplish in the next 5 years to advance your career or life?

In the next 5 years, I plan to have an infrastructure that educates black youth on entrepreneurship and provides them the assistance to get started. I want to be the most impactful public speaker in the world for what I do. And I want to be in position to build my career around my family priorities.

When and how did you know you were on the right career path?

God told me and I could just feel it. 

What’s your support system like, which people in your life would you say support you the most and why?

My team is very strong and super supportive, my family is partially supportive for me. Who supports me the most I am not sure but I must say sometimes greatness is a bit of a lonely ride.

What does being trustworthy mean to you?

Being authentic and never deceitful.  

If you could talk to your 14-year-old self what advice would you give yourself?

I'd say candidly - young King this world is a jungle and as a black man it has been designed for you to fail. The laws, the structure of education and your environment are all supposed to be a part of your demise. If you open your eyes and see it, you could learn the rules of this jungle and you can dominate. Spend less time worrying about fitting in and figure out how to sign the front of the check instead of the back of it.  You're a King that has a true hustler’s mentality let’s start this business now. 

What is an interesting little-known fact about you?

Growing up I never spend 5 consecutive years in any one city. I was an army brat without my parents being in the army 

To keep up with Oliver follow him on social media or visit his website

IG: OMrNegative 

YouTube: OMrNegative 

Facebook: OMrNegative 

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