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Lipstick Ready highlights Poonam Patel for the “Stay Lipstick Ready” series.

Allow us to introduce Poonam Patel, the Owner and Designer at Urban Loop Studio!

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Let us tell you a little bit about Poonam Patel.

Poonam is a phenomenal firewalker and dynamic designer who holds two degrees (a bachelors and a master’s degree) in Architecture. Also, she is a natural leader serving in various influential roles including: educational committee member of the Dallas Builders Association, Vice-chair of the Builder’s Association, an Associate Member at the American Institute of Architects.

Additionally, Poonam has been featured in various speaking engagements including: serving as a guest speaker at Remodel Revolution Vodcast, making a notable appearance on Force for Growth Podcast, and serving as a TEDx speaker.

Explain how COVID-19/ George Floyd's death has impacted you (emotionally, physically, finically, spiritually, and mentally) in a positive and negative way.

COVID-19 has been an opportunity to pause, reflect, and pivot. An opportunity to cut out the fat, streamline, be efficient, and reconnect with the things that matter most.

George Floyd's death has been a shocking reality; jolting many into the realistic truth expressed through some of humanity's most embarrassing moments. Although it saddens me, it is important to steer ahead in a way that exemplifies excellence and be the role model we need now (in this present time) instead of later.

Tell us about your company/occupation. What’s your biggest professional or personal accomplishment? Explain how you felt working towards it and how you felt when it was achieved.

Owning and operating my own business in the field of design and construction has been a lifelong dream for me. Although I have slaved over this dream, I realize that I have been one of the few who have been able to live my life's dreams. It has been an incredible feeling and has realized that the person I have become as a result of seeing this dream come true—is someone I am proud of.

As a side effect, I have been able to be a role model to many, and I have helped bring so much happiness and joy to my client's lives. I am truly living a dream!

What was your childhood like? Describe your environment from your house to your neighborhood to your school. How did these experiences shape you and your future success?

My childhood was FUN, all I did was play outside. I did not even know we were financially challenged until I got older. We just got the bag cereal instead of the boxed and the hollow plastic barbies from the dollar store instead of the solid rubber ones.

There were tough moments growing up, like growing up in a conservative town that was not used to seeing someone like me around. I was slapped by a black girl, sexually assaulted in school, and a whole list of other things. However, during times like that, you begin a dialog with yourself, and internally you make a pact (with yourself); you make an inner vow that you won't let these experiences cripple you. You refuse to surrender your dreams (to your past); because it just is not worth it. Either you choose to do that or discover that perhaps your dream is not compelling enough.

Tell us about your inner circle (close friends, family, mentors, relationship). How does their support impact your success?

I have the most amazing support system! I have amazing friends and some family that support all the greatness and weirdness within me. I practically have a mentor for everything—for business, for design, for my health, for my financials, and my personal development. Also, I have learned to be my own support system in a way by keeping my "self-talk" in check (being positive on purpose). Life is better with good people by your side and in your corner. If people opted not to be in that space, then make them feel jealous they did not follow you early on. 😉

List a few habits that a young person should start implementing to set them up for a successful future?

1) Step out of your comfort zone EVERYDAY!

2) Find your passions and follow them.

3) Keep asking until you find the answers.

4) Just because one person does not support you or believe in you, does not mean that they get to dictate your fate. (F' those people!)

Share a big mistake you made professionally or personally. How did you fix it and what did you learn?

Mistakes are made all the time! The most important thing about mistakes is that you clean up after them and learn something from them. I have too many of them to share here.

What are you afraid of for girls and women in the future?

They do not take responsibility for their future and actions and waste too much time on Cosmo. magazine topics. YES, I know it is fun, but do something with your life during the little time you have on this earth!

If you could give your 18 -year-old self-advice about the adult you are today, what would it be?

Do not take life so seriously. It is such a circus out there!

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